Divine Love is a spiritual capsule collection in collaboration with Artist Sara Ahli, inspired by nature, holistic healing, and spiritual transcendence. It is designed with the yearning to build a deep connection with nature; one that returns you to the source of divine peace. 

Seeking to expand the awareness of ethical, slow fashion, the Alchemy of Dyeing was commissioned, to produce 100% naturally dyed, artisanal silk crepe de chine fabric. Using a floral bundle dye technique, the bouquet was carefully curated  to express their healing properties and being a representation of the landscape of spring perennials in the UAE.

Divine love is a timeless, season-less and ethically made collection containing fragments of a blooming garden: marigold, petunias, hibiscus, rose petals,  onion skins and eucalyptus leaves. These garments are living, ephemeral organisms that can be read as talismanic, centering, and healing - they should be loved and cherished.

The collection consists of four dress styles; ود (love) , حلم (compassion), نور (light) , and ملك (sovereign).